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  1. Adjusting the ink dry time
  2. Columbia/Delta: The printer just makes a beep
  3. Embosser fails to power up
  4. Embosser Fails to Power Up.
  5. Emfuse prints correctly, but embosses in the wrong orientation.
  6. Error code 50007
  7. Graphics are lost when translating a Word document
  8. How do I "Print To File"?
  9. How do I contact Support?
  10. How do I enable the option to remove empty lines in TSS?
  11. How do I enable the TSS5 add-in in Microsoft Word?
  12. How do I find my printer error code?
  13. How do I print the on-board test page from my ViewPlus embosser?
  14. How do I report an issue to Microsoft or Duxbury?
  15. How to check the printer error code for a ViewPlus embosser
  16. How To Enable Debug Logging
  17. How to enable the VPformatter.dll add-in for Microsoft Word.
  18. I Cannot Activate my License
  19. Ink Emboss Alignment for a Premiere or Elite Embosser
  20. InkConnect only prints on the left, or right, half of the page.
  21. Load a custom braille table on to a VP Elite or VP Premier embosser
  22. Microsoft Word Unable to Print forms Over 22 Inches
  23. Setting up a VP embosser for Braille2000
  24. There are no Braille dots after translation
  25. Tiger Designer is unable to open my files for the EmFuse
  26. What is the Tiger Cleanup tool?
  27. What to Check if Margins are not as Expected
  28. When I print to file, and view the result in Tiger Designer, the ink page is blank, or there is only an emboss page.
  29. Why can't I print my 11.5"x11" document in portrait orientation using MS Word?
  30. Why does my embosser emboss documents the wrong orientation when embossing from Word?
  31. Why is my translated document missing capital indicators?

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