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Ink Emboss Alignment for a Premiere or Elite Embosser
Last Updated 9 years ago

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ViewPlus provides a tool to help align the printed output of the InkConnect to the embossed output of the Pemiere and Elite line of embossers.

To perform this alignment, please follow these steps:

  1. Open your Devices and Printers control panel, right-click your embosser, and choose Printer Properties.
  2. Open the Service tab and select Ink-Emboss Alignment.
  3. Under the label Ink-Emboss Alignment Pattern, select Print.
  4. A test pattern is printed, and you must decide which number from the top row shows the best horizontal alignment, and which number from the second row shows the best vertical alignment.
  5. Enter these values in the appropriate fields.  Click Apply and listen for the embosser to beep.
  6. When the embosser has accepted the new values you may want to print the Ink-Emboss Verification sheet.

    If you entered the correct values, the alignment should be good.

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