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When I print to file, and view the result in Tiger Designer, the ink page is blank, or there is only an emboss page.
Last Updated 8 years ago

This problem can occur when you are printing high resolution and using a PC with insufficient virtual memory.

To work around the problem, you may lower the resolution, or increase the virtual memory.

To set a lower resolution:
Right-click your embosser in Devices and Printers, Choose Printing Preferences, Select the Tiger tab, and use Normal (300x300) DPI.

Note:  This is provided for your information.  Every computer system is different, and changing virtual memory may have other unexpected consequences.  This procedure is for Windows 7, and other versions of Windows may be different.

To manage virtual memory:
  1. Open Control Panel > System and Security > System.
  2. Select Advanced system settings.
  3. System Properties opens to the Advanced tab.  Choose Settings in the Performance section.
  4. Performance Options opens.  Select the Advanced tab.  Choose Change in the Virtual memory section.

Every computer system is different.  You have to balance the virtual memory available against the free space available on your hard drive.  We cannot advise you about what the best setting will be for your system.  After changing your virtual memory settings, you are required to restart the computer.

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