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How To Enable Debug Logging
Last Updated 7 years ago

The following applies to TSS4 and TSS5.  Error logging is always enabled in TSS6, and the TSS6 log file (TSS6OfficeAddIn.log.txt) is found in %temp%.

For TSS4 and TSS5:

A debug log can help you figure out the cause of some unusual problem you are experiencing.  If you enable logging and perform the action that is generating an error or problem, the log file may have clues as to the cause.

Navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\ViewPlus\TSS.
Open vpf.ini for editing.
Find the word Debug.  This will probably be at the end of the file.

Debug = 0

Change "Debug = 0" to "Debug = 1".
Save the file.

After using TSS and reproducing the problem you are trying to troubleshoot, go to %appdata%\Viewplus\
You should find the file VPFormatterLog.txt.

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