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InkConnect only prints on the left, or right, half of the page.
Last Updated 9 years ago

If the InkConnect only inks one half of the page vertically, either the left or right half of the page, then there is most likely an issue with one of the ink cartridges in the InkConnect. To begin trouble shooting the issue switch the ink cartridges by following the steps below and print again.

Switching ink cartridges:

  1. Open the back of the InkConnect and wait for the ink carriage to center itself. 
  2. Remove the left and right ink cartridges by pulling out and down on the black plastic tab on both ink cartridges.
  3. Switch the ink cartridges and reinstall them by putting the base of the ink cartridge in to place and pushing back on the top. 
After completing the above steps and printing the same document look at the print out. If the ink has changed sides then the issue is definitely the ink cartridge, either replace the cartridge or follow the steps below for Cleaning an ink cartridge. 

If switching the ink cartridges did not have an effect on the print out then please click here to open a ticket with ViewPlus Support in order to receive further support and have the unit repaired. 

Cleaning an ink cartridge.

If the ink connect sits unused for an extended period of time the ink cartridges can effectively "dry out" clogging the ink nozzles with dried ink. An end user can experience multiple issues ranging from, fine horizontal lines missing, to a whole half of the print job missing.If you are experiencing print quality issues follow the steps below to attempt to clean the ink cartridge nozzles. 

  1. Remove the troubled ink cartridge by pulling out and down on the black plastic tab on the ink cartridge.
  2. Using a paper towel and isopropyl, alcohol (rubbing alcohol) wipe away any dried ink from the ink cartridge nozzles shown below on the piece of metal.
  3. Once clean reinsert the ink cartridge and print the same document. If your document has not improved then the next step is to replace the damaged ink cartridge.  

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