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Error code 50007
Last Updated 2 years ago

Your embosser will not initialize correctly.  All the 4 LEDs are on and in Printer Properties under the Service tab, the status is error 50007.

This is a generic initialization failure and it can have multiple causes.

This can be a carriage stall error.  Make sure the carriage lock screw has been removed.

This could happen if the embosser suffers a blow and the carriage has impacted and broken the home flag sensor.

This could occur if the SD card is not correctly seated.  The mainboard has an SD card at the edge.  The SD card slot is the type that locks the card in when the card id inserted, and unlocks the card when it is press in again.  If the card is accidently pressed in again the card unlocks and comes out just a bit, the board will not initialize and you will get error 50007.

This could be a problem in the main board that requires the board to be replaced.

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