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Printing to or setting up a ViewPlus Embosser in Duxbury
Currently Duxbury 11.1 supports the ViewPlus Windows print drivers for the Elite, Premier, Pro, Emprint, Max, Cub, Cub Jr and EmBraille. To set up your ViewPlus embosser in Duxbury do the following:

  • Install the drivers for your ViewPlus embosser from the installation CD (if your drivers are already installed skip this step).
  • Run Duxbury
  • Go to the GLOBAL menu
  • Press the NEW button
  • Change the EMBOSSER MODEL┬ácombo box to your embosser
  • Change the SEND TO PRINTER combo box to your embosser
  • Press the OK button
  • Change the FORM combo box to the size of paper in your embosser and change any of the desired settings
  • Press the OK button

To get Interpoint (2 sided embossing) from DBT 11.1 simply go to the Global menu in Duxbury before you create a document, then choose Embosser settings, then select your embosser from the list that appears and check the box labeled "emboss in Interpoint".

 Last updated Fri, Mar 6 2015 8:25am

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