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How to clean the encoder strip on an EmPrint SpotDot
If the plastic strip that the ink carriage rides along is dirty it can cause printing problems, including: only printing half of the inked part of the page, or if it stops at any point in the inking phase of printing, even if it continues and embosses the page.


  • Remove the lid of the printer.
  • Using Isopropyl Alcohol ONLY, spray some to a non-porous paper towel or nonlotion tissue. DO NOT spray the alcohol directly into the printer. 
  • The strip usually makes a high-pitched squeaking sound while being cleaned.
  • Gently wipe both sides of the plastic strip, including where the ink carriage generally sits. If it will not move over by gently pulling, plug the printer in and turn on, wait for the ink carriage to move then turn the printer back off and unplug the printer.

Attachments: Cleaning the Encoder Strip.pdf (85.1 kb) 

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