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Removing blank lines from a document during translation.
To have Tiger Software Suite automatically remove some or all blank lines from a document during translation, first make sure your Translation Mode is set to Text Only (Add-Ins > Tiger > Translation Mode > Text Only for TSS 4 and 5, or Tiger > Text Only Mode for TSS 6).


For TSS 4 and 5: Go to Add-Ins > Tiger > Formatter Settings > Document Settings > Document Simplification Settings.

For TSS 6: Go to Tiger > Formatter Settings > Page Layout > Advanced.

Remove all empty lines: Removes any and all blank lines from the translated document.

Merge consecutive empty lines to: If there are multiple consecutive blank lines in the document, this setting will reduce them down to the number value in the drop down menu.

 Last updated Fri, Mar 6 2015 8:25am

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