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Getting started with Tiger Software Suite 5 (TSS 5).
Last Updated 8 years ago

The Tiger tab under Add-Ins in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel is where you will find the powerful features that Tiger Software Suite has to offer.

Formatter Settings: This is where you will find many useful settings such as page setup, Braille type, interline original text and many more.

Apply Tiger Layout: Will not translate your document but will resize all fonts to approximate the size of the translated Braille, as well as apply settings defined in the Formatter Settings such as paper size and margins.

Translate Document: Translates your entire document into Braille as well as applies all settings defined in the Formatter Settings.

Translate Selection: Translates only highlighted text into your selected Braille type as well as set your paper size and margins to what you have specified in the Document Settings.

Quick Emboss: With one click, translates the document applying the user's settings as defined in the Formatter Settings as well as sends it to the embosser selected in the Document Settings of the active Tiger Profile.

Print: This Print command under the Tiger menu is important to use if printing documents containing VoicEye coding. The color printed VoicEye code might not be readable correctly if printed with the Microsoft Word main print command.
When printing documents without VoicEye, you may also use the Microsoft Word main print command.

VoicEye: Provides options to create and insert ink codes into your documents that can be scanned with any smartphone using the free VoicEye app to save the entire document to your phone where it can be read by a screen reader, translated into another language, sent to an embosser, and much more. VoicEye code creation is available with TSS version 5 only
For more information on VoicEye, please click here to visit the VoicEye page on our website.

Translation Mode:
  • Text Only: All graphics will be removed from the document at the time of translation.
  • Text and All Graphics: Graphics will remain in the document after translation.
Display Mode:
  • Show Braille Dots: Display Braille as Braille dots in translated documents.
  • Show ASCII: Display Braille as Braille 29 ASCII in translated documents.
Reload Original Document: Reloads a copy of the original, untranslated document. Note: You must save the original document before translation to be able to reload it.

  • Online Help: Leads to the ViewPlus Support page where you can find warranty information, software activation/deactivation, and ways to contact our support staff.
  • About: Contains information including TSS version number and your license number.
  • Check for Updates: Checks to see if your TSS is up to date and guides you through the update process if an update is available.
  • Register Online: Registers your software online.

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