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How do I print from GoodFeel with a ViewPlus Embosser?
Last Updated 5 years ago

How do I print from GoodFeel with a ViewPlus Embosser?

  • First, install your ViewPlus printer drivers from the CD or installation package. From Devices and Printers, select your ViewPlus embosser and press the Context menu key and go to Printer Properties.  Go to the Device Settings tab and make sure the the paper dimensions and margins are appropriate for the paper you are using.
    Make sure it prints in Text mode
    Click Apply and make sure you hear a beep from the printer.
  • Install and run GoodFeel.
  • Go to Options (Alt-O) and choose Embosser Setup.
  • Select the "Windows Printer” radio button.
  • Tab to the combo box labeled "Windows Printer Name" and use the arrows to select your embosser.
  • Make any desired modifications to the line and page length, navigate to the checkbox labeled "Suppress Windows Printers Warnings", and then press space to check it.
  • Tab to the OK button and press enter.
  • Load your braille, MIDI, or Lime file into GoodFeel and alter any of the desired options. After you do this a window will appear asking for the destination of the braille. Make sure the list box on this window points to your ViewPlus embosser.
  • Press space on the Embosser button and your machine will start printing.

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