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What are BRF, PRN, & TDSX file types?
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What are BRF, PRN, & TDSX file types?

A .BRF file is a Braille ASCII File used for cross platform, and cross printer, compatibility and most commonly produced by Duxbury or other braille translation software.

A .PRN file is a print job that has not been sent to a printer, but instead saved to a file. ViewPlus embosser drivers, and certain other printers have the option to Print to File. PRN files can be opened and printed from Tiger Viewer, editing or PRN files can be done from Tiger Designer. 

A .TDSX file is a file that is created by Tiger Designer.  Tiger Designer is a part of the Tiger Software suite that allows you to paint and enhance tactile graphics to be printed on a ViewPlus embosser.
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