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How do I install a printer over the network?
Last Updated 5 years ago

First you must install the device driver software for the embosser.

When you install one of our network ready ViewPlus embossers, it comes with our Network Printer Installation Utility.
Make sure to connect your embosser to your local network using an ethernet cable.  Power it up.  By default it should use DHCP to acquire a network address.  It is also possible someone has configured it with a static IP address. Our utility should be able to find it.

Network Printer Installation Utility in Windows Start Menu
Press your Windows key to open the Start menu, navigate under All Programs, ViewPlus, Under the folder for your printer, to select and run the Network Printer Installation Utility.

Select a Printer and Automatically detect

Select your printer model.

If you already know its IP address, you may select the radio button labeled Host Name or IP address, and enter it there.

Otherwise you may select Automatically detect network printer, and the utility will try to discover the printer over the local network.

If the printer is on, the utility should find it and allow you so select it from the following screen.

Select an IP address

When you click Next, the utility will create a Standard TCP/IP Printer port and install the appropriate driver, linking it to that port.

Successfully installed

Your embosser should be ready to use.

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