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How do I install my ViewPlus embosser drivers?
Last Updated 5 years ago

To begin, do not connect your ViewPlus embosser to your computer.

ViewPlus embossers ship with a USB drive from which you may install your driver.

Insert your USB drive, Browse to the drive and open Home.  Your web browser should open and you will see a photo of your embosser.

You will find one download link for installing the driver offline and another for installing the driver online.  The online driver will be the newest one, but the offline link is there if you do not have an internet connection.

Download and run the driver.

Select Install Driver.

You will be prompted to select a language.

Please select a language:

Select your preferred language and press Enter.

Next, you are greeted with a welcome screen.  Press Enter or click Next.

Welcome screen

You will see the Software Licensing agreement.  Scroll through and check the box labeled I accept the terms of this agreement.

License agreement

Press Enter or click Next.

Another screen prompts you to click Install to begin the installation.  Press Enter or click Install.

Begin Install prompt

You will see the progress indicator as files are copied.

Copying new files progress indicator

You will be prompted to restart your computer.  Save any work you might have, and Press Enter or click Yes.

Prompt to restart

After rebooting, you will find Tiger software installed in the start menu under the ViewPlus folder..  Not all embossers come with the Network Printer Installation Utility.

ViewPlus folder in the Start menu

Now that the software is installed, you may connect your embosser to your computer using the USB cable, and turn it on.

When Windows detects the device, it should install it as a printer in your Devices and Printers control panel.


Your ViewPlus embosser will appear in Devices and Printers.


Remove your disc and store it in a safe location.  Be sure not to lose your software key.

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