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How do I install the Tiger Software Suite 5?
Last Updated 5 years ago

Your software license number should be printed on your invoice and packing slip.

Please save your license number. Write it down, file it, and do not lose it. We cannot be responsible if it gets lost.

You should be a local administrator of your computer to install the software. And depending on your security environment, you may have trouble using it if you don't have enough permissions in Windows.  If you are not a local administrator for your PC, you can right-click Setup.exe and choose Run as administrator.

Begin your installation by running Setup.exe on the disc.  Depending on your PC and other software that was previously installed, it may be necessary to install other prerequisite software.  If the setup program prompts you to download and install Microsoft Visual C++ Distributable, or Microsoft .NET, you must complete those installations before TSS can proceed.

If you have installed the prerequisite software, TSS installation will proceed.

The first screen prompts you to select your language. If your preferred language in not pre-selected, select it from the drop-down menu. Press Enter or click OK to proceed.


The next screen is the Welcome screen, where you can click Next or Cancel.


The next screen is your End User License Agreement. You need to scroll through before you can proceed. Press A or click I accept the terms of the License Agreement. After that, press Enter or click Next.


Now you need to enter your user name, Organization, and license number. The license number is on the sleeve your disc came out of. Please keep it safe.


After entering the license number correctly, you may press Enter or click Next to proceed.

The next screen simply informs you that you may click Install to begin the installation. You may also click Back or Cancel. Press Enter or click Install.


You will see a progress indicator. When the work is complete you may press Enter or click Next.


The next screen allows you to optionally install the MathType 30 day demo, and/or open Formatter Settings.


MathType is a third party program which adds a menu to Microsoft Word, allowing you to insert math equations into your document. Tiger Software Suite can correctly translate these to Braille.

If you have chosen to install MathType, Microsoft Word will open, and display the MathType ribbon, after you click Finish or press Enter.


If you have chosen to open Formatter Settings the Tiger Formatter Setting will open on the completion of setup.  You can also open Formatter Settings from the Tiger Menu, under the Add-Ins ribbon in Microsoft Word.

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