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How do I load tractor paper?
Last Updated 9 years ago

Some ViewPlus embossers are equipped to use tractor-feed paper.  They all load in a similar fashion.

There are spring-loaded clips that rotate up and away, and there are levers that apply or release friction to allow you to adjust for different widths of paper.  On some models, such as the Max, most of the width adjustment is done on the left side (looking at the back, where the paper is loaded) and on other models, like the Premiere or Elite, the width adjustment is done on the right side (looking from the front, where the paper is loaded).

  • Loosen the friction levers and rotate the retention clips up and out.
  • Place the paper on the feeder, aligning the bumps with the holes in the edge, and that the paper is feeding straight.  
  • Rotate the paper retention clips back down to lock the paper onto the feeders.
  • Pull the sides gently so that the center of the sheet is not sagging, and operate the friction levers to set the correct width.

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