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How to set up your WiFi device
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How to set up your WiFi device

Your device came with a USB power supply.  Do not use a different power supply, or try to power the device by connecting the USB cable to a port on your PC.

If you connect headphones to the 3.5 mm audio jack and listen while it is powering up you will hear it speak its IP address. If you do not hear the IP address that means it failed to receive an address.

If you connect a monitor to your device using the HDMI port your IP address will be displayed during startup.

The easiest way to connect the device to your network is by using an ethernet cable.

The device comes with a USB drive that can be used to restore the configuration to factory defaults. This is necessary in case you have tried to connect to a WiFi network but for some reason, the connection failed.

In its factory configuration, the device will create a WiFi network called TigerBox, GoBraille, or Pixie, depending on the branding of the device. For the rest of this document, we will assume you have a TigerBox. If you can't connect the device to your network by ethernet, you will need to join this WiFi network in order to emboss through the device or change its configuration.

Joining the device's WiFi network

Connect headphones to your TigerBox and listen while you power up the device.  Make sure it has the IP address  Open the WiFi tool on your mobile phone or other WiFi-enabled device and scan for local WiFi networks. Connect to the TigerBox network.  No password is required. Your mobile device will probably warn you there is no internet connection.  Open your web browser and point it to  You should now see the web interface for the device.  The first thing you probably want to do is join the WiFi network in your building.

Configuring the device to join a WiFi network

Tabs are available on the left, and from the System tab, you can get a list of WiFi networks to join. Select the WiFi network you would like and supply the password for that network.  The device will immediately try to join the selected network and you will no longer be connected to it. Using headphones, listen for the IP address as it reboots with the new network configuration. Your mobile device will probably rejoin your home network automatically when the TigeBox WiFi network is suddenly not available. If you heard your TigerBox speak its IP address you know it successfully joined your network, and you know the IP address you can now use to connect to its web interface.

If your device did not speak its IP address while powering up, that means it failed to join the WiFi network.  This is usually because the network password was not specified correctly.  Insert the reset USB drive into one of the USB ports.  Listen to your headphones until you hear the device has restarted with the address Remove the USB drive.

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