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Embraille: New Paper Guide and Firmware Introduced in January 2016
Last Updated 6 years ago

In order to improve Braille alignment and embossing speed, a design change was made to the Embraille embosser.

A new metal paper guide (deflector) replaced the older plastic one, and new firmware was written.

If you have the older paper deflector, the older firmware is going to give you better results, so you need to be able to recognize which paper guide you have before you download firmware.  Below are photos showing what to look for:

This is the older plastic deflector.  Use firmware 9.1.24.


Below is the newer metal deflector.  Use firmware 9.1.25 or later.


The newer design should be on embossers later than the following serial numbers:

CEBAB0285 (120V)
CEBBB0343 (240V)

When an Embraille comes in for repair, it will get the new deflector and firmware, whether or not that was the reason for the service.
Dealers with technical training will be installing the new paper deflectors in the field.

For these reasons,you can not know for certain what deflector is installed by the serial number, so looking at the paper deflector is the best way to know which firmware to install.

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