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Setting up Embraille with Duxbury System's Purky Duck.
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Using Embraille with Perky Duck

Robert Jaquiss
September 04, 2015

Perky Duck is software from Duxbury Systems, Inc. that allows the user to enter braille using the SDF and jkl keys like a braille input keyboard. Perky Duck is often used by students who need to produce braille files when they are not allowed to use or do not have a braille translator package. Perky Duck can emboss files on a variety of embossers. At this writing, 95 embossers are supported. The ViewPlus Embraille is not currently in the list of supported embossers.

To set up an Embraille, do the following:
  1. Install the Embraille according to the provided instructions.
  2. If Perky Duck is installed, Start Perky Duck.
  3. Select Global settings from the main menu by pressing {ALT+g}.
  4. Select Embosser setup from the submenu.
  5. Tab to and select the New Embosser button.
  6. You should then see a list of supported embossers.
  7. Use the down arrow to select the Genericembosser. Note do not select the interpoint generic embosser.
  8. Select the output destination; First select printer and then select the Embraille from the list of printers installed on your PC. Select OK.
  9. Next, set the parameters for the embosser.
  10. Select the paper size as 11 inch long narrow width.
  11. Characters per line as either 28 or 30. The default is shown as 32 which will print too close to the edge of the paper.
  12. The number of lines per page should be 25.
  13. The top margin should be 1.
  14. The binding offset should be 1.
  15. The printing of banner pages is not support, so do not check this box.
  16. Select OK.
    Once the OK button is selected, the settings are saved by Perky Duck.

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