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Printing from a BrailleNote to a ViewPlus Embosser
Last Updated 9 years ago

The BrailleNote notetaker from Humanware has a user interface called KeySoft. This comes with a word processing application called KeyWord. Keyword allows you to read, edit, save, ink print, and emboss documents. KeyWord is also capable of reading the document to you using text to speech.

For help in using your BrailleNote, please refer to the manuals online.

The following instructions are provided for your convenience.

From the Main Menu, press Space repeatedly until you hear "Word Processor", and your Braille display reads Word Processor. Alternatively, you may type "W". Press Enter, and your Braille display should read "KeyWord Menu."

If you have not done so already, you first need to setup the embosser.

To setup your embosser, from KeyWord Menu, navigate to "Emboss a Document" and press Enter. You are prompted "Emboss or Setup embosser?"  Enter S.

Advance through the options. Most of the defaults will be appropriate for a ViewPlus embosser. Pay particular attention to the number of characters per line and lines per page to make sure they are appropriate for the paper you are using.  Depending on your margins, 25 x 40 is typical for 8.5 x 11 inch paper, and 40 x 40 characters can fit on 11.5 x 11 inch paper.  Once the setup is complete, the embosser is saved in KeySoft's embosser list, and it is available for other KeySoft applications.

To emboss a document, from KeyWord Menu, choose "Emboss a Document". You are prompted "Emboss or Setup Embosser". Press E and Enter, You will be prompted to choose a document. When the document is selected, KeySoft prompts "Embosser Ready?"

You may want to turn your embosser off an on at this point to clear memory. When your embosser is ready, enter Y for Yes.

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