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How do I print from MegaDots?
Last Updated 9 years ago


In order to set up MegaDots to print to a ViewPlus embosser, follow these steps:

  1. Install your ViewPlus Windows printer drivers from the installation CD (if your printer is already installed, skip this step).
  2. Run MegaDots within Windows.
  3. Within MegaDots, press F10 to enter the menus.
  4. Arrow down to "Preferences" and press Enter.
  5. Arrow down to "Braille Devices" and press Enter.
  6. Arrow down to "Generic Embosser" and press Enter.
  7. Type the carriage length (in number of cells) that suits the paper loaded into your embosser; hit down.
  8. Type the form length (in number of braille lines) that suits the paper loaded into your embosser; hit down.
  9. Arrow down to "Connection Port" and type mprn.
  10. Press F10 to save these changes for this embosser.
  11. Press F10 again to save the embosser preference.
  12. Use the up and down arrows to select whether or not to permanently use this embosser to print from MegaDots; hit Enter.
  13. Hit Escape to return to the editor now, when you print from MegaDots by pressing F7, you will be prompted to select a Windows printer from a list. You can select your ViewPlus embosser and press the OK button. You can also check the box under the list of printers to tell MegaDots to always use the selected Windows printer. Since you are still printing to the Windows print driver, you should set any formatting options, like margins and dot height, on the Tiger tab in your Printer properties. Braille translation options will need to be set within MegaDots.

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