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Printing BRF files to a ViewPlus Embosser
Last Updated 5 years ago

A BRF file is a widely used formatted Braille document.

When you install a ViewPlus embosser driver, BRF files become associated with Tiger Viewer. A BRF file will not open in Tiger Viewer, but an option will be offered to send it to your embosser for printing.

To do this, right-click your BRF file within file explorer, and select Send to printer… from the context menu.
A dialog box opens, allowing you to specify the file and embosser, and the number of copies to print.
Click Print.

Please note, that in this case the embosser printer properties device settings (legacy settings) will be applied for page layout and Braille translation.

On your PC, you may have BRF files associated with another program, such as Duxbury. You may still use Tiger Viewer to print the file.

Another option would be to open this file in Tiger Designer. Upon attempt to open in Tiger Designer there will be a dialog to choose page layout and braille table settings before it will open and show in Braille in Tiger Designer. Then choose ”File”, and ”Print”, or type Ctrl+P for printing.

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