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Configuring Legacy Print Settings
Last Updated 9 years ago

Some programs do not interface with the Windows driver as fully as others. They may not be designed to read the information set in the Printing preferences of the driver, for example.

ViewPlus embosser drivers have a Device Settings tab under Printer Properties, where you can send information to the printer, setting configuration settings for these legacy programs.

To take advantage of this tab, your ViewPlus embosser must be connected and powered on.

Go Devices and Printers, right-click your embosser and select Printer Properties.  Then navigate to the Device Settings tab.

You may define your Paper size, Margins, Media type, Text or Graphics mode, line spacing, Braille tables, Dot height, and you may configure the embosser to emboss interpoint (double sided) when that is a supported feature.

Please note that when you make changes, you must click Apply and listen for a beep from the embosser, telling you it has received information.

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