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SpotDot ink cartridge storage
Last Updated 9 years ago

All ink cartridges are sensitive to exposure to air, and the ink path needs to be kept filled with ink. If you will not be using your Emprint for a long period, you may want to store your ink cartridges.

When to store your ink cartridges?

If you are going to move your Emprint, your ink cartridges should be removed and stored. If you know that you are not going to be using the Emprint for an extended length of time, ViewPlus recommends removing and storing the ink cartridges.

How to store

  • Types of Containers
    • Use a ziplock bag
    • Use a rigid plastic container
  • Be sure the cartridge is in the upright position with the ink head down and the label up.
  • If possible, a slightly damp cloth can be stored in the same container. Be sure that the cloth is not touching the ink head.

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