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Replacing the ink cartridge in the VP SpotDot
Last Updated 9 years ago

Before buying replacement print cartridges, verify the correct part number. For the ViewPlus Emprint, use VPT9014-00 (Black) and VPT9015-00 (Tri-color). HP 56 (Black) and HP 57 (Tri-color) are also recommended.

Your Emprint will notify you when the ink level is low. At this time, make sure that you have replacement cartridges available. Either replace the cartridges or wait until your ink stops printing. The ink level can also be checked using the Service tab in the Emprint printer properties.

To replace or insert cartridge:
  1. Load paper.
  2. Turn on the embosser.
  3. Open lid of the Emprint.
  4. The ink cartridges should be positioned for easy access and the black tray below the cartridges should drop down. (If the tray does not drop down, close the lid, turn the printer off, then repeat steps 2 and 3.) The black ink cartridge holder is labeled 56 and can be found on the right side. The tri-color ink cartridge holder is labeled 57 and is located to the left of the black ink cartridge holder.
  5. Remove the ink cartridges from the packaging and carefully remove the plastic tape.
    Caution! Do not touch the print cartridge ink nozzles or copper contacts. Touching these parts will result in clogs, ink failure and bad electrical connections. Do not remove the copper strips. They are required electrical contacts. Like all ink cartridges, these ink cartridges are susceptible to drying out if exposed to the air or not used for extended periods
  6. Hold the print cartridge so that the copper strip is on the top and the plastic tab is on the bottom facing away from the printer. Then insert the cartridge top first into the cradle as shown. If you need to replace both cartridges, do the same procedure for the second print cartridge.
  7. Close the lid. The Emprint will take a few minutes wiping the print head and you should be ready to print.

  8. Order additional Emprint ink cartridges at

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