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VP InkConnect Packing Instructions
Last Updated 9 years ago

VP InkConnect Packing Instructions

Required Materials:

Replacement shipping items are available from ViewPlus
  • Original shipping box
  • Original shipping foam
  • Shipping foam carriage block
  • Low adhesion tape (masking tape or painters tape) 
  • Packing tape

Do not include:

Unless specifically requested, please do not include the following items
  • Data Cord
  • Driver or software CD
  • Ink cartridges

Packing Instructions:

  1. Ensure that you have removed the ink cartridges prior to packing up the InkConnect
  2. Open the lid and gently push the ink cartridges to the left-hand side of the embosser.
    InkConnect 1
  3. Fit the tube foam around the carriage shaft to stop it from shifting during shipping. 
    InkConnect 2
  4. Close the lid and then secure it shut using low adhesion tape. 
    InkConnect 3
  5. Optional: If you have the plastic shipping bag place the InkConnect in to it and seal it shut with low adhesion tape. 
    InkConnect 3.5
  6. Place the InkConnect in to the shipping foam base. 
  7. Ensure that the paper output guides are contained by the slot in the foam.
    InkConnect 5
  8. Secure the front and back shipping foam on to the shipping foam base. 
    InkConnect 6
  9. Place the top foam pieces in to the cutouts in the shipping foam base. Ensure that the angle inside the foam matches the InkConnect.
    InkConnect 7
  10. Place the large foam end caps in to the InkConnect Box
    InkConnect 8
  11. Place the InkConnect in to the ViewPlus shipping Box
    InkConnect 9
  12. Seal the box with packing tape.
  13. Contact your freight forwarder to arrange shipment.

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