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Cleaning Sensors in the ViewPlus Cub and Max Embossers
Last Updated 9 years ago

To clean and check the sensors on a ViewPlus Max please follow the steps below. These instructions should easily guide you through all the steps involved in cleaning the sensors. If problems persist after cleaning the sensors please contact ViewPlus Support.
You will need a can of compressed air. 

  1. Remove the power and USB cords from the unit, ensure that the unit is fully powered off and disengaged from any electrical connection. Take the sound cover off of the unit by opening it all the way and pulling directly up on the sound cover. Place the unit on a table in front of you. Indicated are all the sensors we will be looking at. NOTE: 2 are on the back of the unit and one is underneath the front of the embosser from this angle.
  2. Check that the front of the alignment / paper sensor is free of dust and debris, clean off the front of this sensor with canned air. This is a reflective type sensor so both the receiver and transmitter are on the same face pointing at the platen (black pyramid roller.) 
  3. Turn the unit around so you are looking at the back of it. The next two paper sensors are in the paper input area of the unit. Clean these with compressed air as well. The top sensor in the picture is a reflective sensor that is sandwiched in the single sheet feeder module, the lower sensor is a flag (trip type sensor) that is located directly beneath the tractor feed module.
  4. The fourth and final sensor is another flag trip sensor and is located down inside the front of the unit when viewing it from the back. Locate and blow this sensor out with compressed air as well.

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