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Creating braille and ink labels.
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This tutorial will explain how to create a custom label template in Microsoft Word to be printed in ink and Braille using a ViewPlus embosser that has ink capability.
To open Microsoft Word, go to START, ALL PROGRAMS and locate your Microsoft Office folder and select Microsoft Office Word. Press ENTER to open Microsoft Word.

1) Install Print Server to desktop computer
To create a new document, go to FILE and select NEW, or use the shortcut Ctrl+N. Word might give you an options menu and it is suggested to select blank document with dimensions of 8.5x11.

2) Adjust Page Setup
Go to FILE, PAGE SETUP, select the MARGNS tab at the top of the dialog box and adjust margins to:
Top: 0.5
Bottom: 0.17
Left: 0.3
Right: 0.3
Select Portrait under the orientation option and press OK.

3) Insert Table
Create a new table with 5 columns and 10 rows by navigating to TABLE, INSERT, TABLE on the menu bar.
Next, select the FIXED COLUMN WIDTH checkbox under the AutoFit behavior option and press OK at the bottom of the dialog box.

4) Format Table
To format the table, first make sure your cursor is in the first row and column of the table, then go to TABLE, TABLE PROPERTIES and select the COLUMN tab at the top of the dialog box.
a. Change the width to 2.6 and press the NEXT COLUMN button.
b. Change the width in this column to 0.1 and press the NEXT COLUMN button.
c. Repeat instructions for a.
d. Repeat instructions for b.
e. Repeat instructions for a.
Next select the ROW tab at the top of the dialog box and check the SPECIFIED HEIGHT checkbox. Change the height to 1 and press the NEXT ROW button. Select the CELL tab at the top of the dialog box, change the vertical alignment to CENTER and press OK. Lastly, to center entire text, go to FORMAT, PARAGRAPH and change alignment to CENTER and press OK.

5) Customize Label
Customize your label by typing desired text. If all text is identical, select text with your cursor and go to EDIT, COPY in the menu bar. Place cursor in desired cell and go to EDIT, PASTE. Repeat this step as necessary.

6) Translate Document
Before translation, you must format the document. To do this, go to TIGER and select FORMATTER SETTINGS. When the dialog box appears, select your preferred language and Braille type. This example displays English American as the language and grade 2 Braille type. This dialog box also allows you to change the font and font size that will be printed. Once you have made the desired changes press OK. To translate your document to Braille and ink, go to TIGER and make sure the INTERLINE ORIGINAL TEXT is checked. Once this is done, go back to TIGER and select FORMAT DOCUMENT.

7) Print
To print your document, go to FILE, PRINT, select the printer you are currently using and press OK. Make sure your printer is turned on and the correct label paper has been inserted into the paper loader.

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