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Embossing 2 Sided (Interpoint) on a ViewPlus Desktop embosser
Last Updated 9 years ago

When printing double sided interpoint, some ViewPlus Desktop embossers use a two-pass method. This means that when printing in interpoint, the odd pages will print first. When finished, you will be prompted to turn the paper over, load it the other side up. After you have reloaded your paper, Press ENTER or OK to activate the window and continue printing the even pages of the document.

Below are simple instructions:

  1. After you are finished FORMATTING or TRANSLATING your document select FILE then PRINT.
  2. Select the ViewPlus Embosser from the Printer Drop Down Menu, and then select PROPERTIES.
  3. Select the Layout tab. From the Output area, select from the drop down menu DOUBLE SIDED INTERPOINT. If you have graphics, select INTERPOINT WITH GRAPHICS (Please note that if graphics are included in a document and this mode is selected, the embosser will not print on the back of the page with the graphics to avoid conflicting with the graphic).
  4. Select OK or press ENTER, until you have come back to the original PRINT MENU window.
  5. Select OK or press ENTER when ready to print. A screen will appear stating to press OK when ready to print the even pages.
  6. Wait until the first set is finished printing, then turn the paper over, put the printer online and then press ENTER or OK. The Interpoint Window will disappear and the even pages will begin to print.

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