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Disabling beep on touch.
Last Updated 9 years ago

Please find the solution that is applicable to you based on your serial number.

For IVEO Touchpads with the serial number 05-000000 to 05-0000519: This is an issue that was found with the LiYitouchpad driver, which is a third party software. If you open the software by going to ViewPlus and Program files, then open the LiYitouchpad software, you can turn off this function. Please go to the Sounds tab once you open the LiYitouch program and make sure the Enable Lift up Sound and Enable Touch Down sound are disabled. If the issue resumes, restart then try to use the Touchpad again.

For IVEO Touchpads with serial number 05-000520 and higher: Make sure that you are using the installation CD for the Touchpad that was in the Touchpad box upon delivery. You will need to install that before connecting the Touchpad to your computer, follow the prompts and plug in the Touchpad when prompted.

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