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What is IVEO?
Last Updated 9 years ago

Welcome to IVEO - a hands-on learning system that combines touch, sound and sight to make learning more engaging and complete for all students while also including tools necessary for people with visual or learning disabilities. With IVEO you can view existing graphics or create your own!

The IVEO system consists of three software components and one hardware component:

  • IVEO Viewer: View existing IVEO files - Download IVEO Viewer for free here.
  • IVEO Creator: Create your own interactive files directly in IVEO Creator or using Adobe Illustrator, CorelDRAW, Microsoft Visio or any other program that exports to SVG.
  • IVEO Creator Pro: Import PDF files or scan in printed materials using IVEO's advanced OCR technology. Create your own interactive files directly in IVEO Creator Pro, convert existing graphics into interactive IVEO files or use your favorite graphics program with IVEO Converter to import your own designs.
  • IVEO Touchpad - a touch-sensitive pad for reading tactile-audio images. IVEO touchpads connect through USB and are available in two sizes - Standard: 11x14; Portable: 9x12.5.

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