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Getting started with IVEO 2.0
Last Updated 9 years ago

IVEO adds audio feedback to tactile information. Documents used in IVEO will have an .SVG file extension. Scalable Vector Graphic, or SVG, is a mainstream graphic extension that allows a person to zoom in and out without losing resolution. This article will explain one of the two main ways to get started making and using accessible documents.

Creating a new document in IVEO Creator:
To create a new document, go to File -> New. IVEO will let you choose the size of the document. It is suggested to create a document that is 10 inches by 8 inches for landscape-oriented letter size paper or 10.5 inches by 10 inches for standard US braille paper because of the margin room needed for the barcode.

Choose an Element:
Choose an element you would like to add from the Add menu. For this exercise, we will choose Oval from the menu. Use your mouse or the IVEO Touchpad to draw the oval. Drag down and to the right to create the shape. Press the Space Bar to exit Add Oval mode. There is now an oval drawn on the page.

Label Image:
To label the image, first select it. You can select the object by clicking on it with the mouse or by pressing on the embossed image with the IVEO Touchpad. Then, choose Edit Element Properties under the Edit menu. An Editing Element dialog box will appear. Type what you want the object to say in the Title field. In the Description field, you can describe the element you've just created. Click OK to leave the Editing Element dialog box.

Explore the Document:
You can now navigate the document using the mouse or by sending it to a printer and placing it on the IVEO Touchpad. For the title, simply select or press on the object. IVEO will voice what you have typed in the title box. To hear the description, double tap the element on the touchpad.

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