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Cleaning Elite and Premier Sensors
Last Updated 9 years ago

To clean the sensors on an Elite / Premier embosser you will need canned air or a source of compressed air and a small brush. First ensure that the embosser is unplugged from the power and USB. Never service an embosser while it is plugged in or energized.

  1. Open the top cover of your Elite or Premier unit, if you have an InkConnect attached you must first remove this.
  2. Undo the two thumb screws located in the green plates and rotate the top carriage up and out of the embosser. 
  3. The first sensor is located in the paper guide immediately after the second platen (circled in red below.) This sensor is a reflective sensor – one hole projects a light which reflects off of the paper and is detected by the second hole. Look inside the two holes on the top of this sensor, if there is no paper dust leave the sensor alone. If the sensor has quite a bit of paper dust in it use a small bristle brush to wipe the paper dust away.
  4. The second sensor is the carriage two alignment sensor and is located by the two photos below. Inspect this sensor and clean off any paper dust using canned  air or a soft bristled brush. 
  5. The next sensor is the carriage two home flag sensor. This sensor is located up inside the paper clean out above the alignment sensor we cleaned in the previous step.
  6. The next sensor we will clean is the alignment sensor for carriage one. This alignment sensor is on carriage one and is facing upwards from its location underneath platen 1. This sensor is difficult to access but spraying off the clear plastic on the "top" of the sensor will clean the paper dust off of it.
  7. The final sensor is the carriage one home flag sensor and is tucked further away than the carriage 1 alignment sensor we cleaned in the previous step. This sensor is located next to the side frame, down next to the motor for carriage one. It can be seen through the same slot that we located the alignment sensor for carriage 1. Aim your compressed air down inside the unit to try and clear paper dust from this sensor which is identical to the other home flag sensor.

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