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How to use ViewPlus Translator
Last Updated 9 years ago

ViewPlus Translator can be used to translate text in many applications to Braille.  It works for applications where you have control over the fonts.  In this example, I will use WordPad, which is the word processing application that comes with Microsoft Windows.  To launch Wordpad, you may tap your Windows key and type "Wordpad" and press Enter, or in Windows 8, simply type "Wordpad" and press Enter at the Windows 8 "Metro" desktop.


When you have your document ready, press CTRL-A to select all the text in yourdocument, and CTRL-C to copy it to the clipboard.

Tap your Windows key and type "viewplus translator" and press Enter.  Viewplus Translator should launch.


There are options which allow you to select your Braille language, and Grade, if applicable. There are also formatting options to let you preserve italics, bold, and underlined text, as well as whether to treat all text as lower case. None of these are selected by default.

In the pane to the right, Wordpad or your most recent application should be selected.  For many applications you can simply press Enter or click Translate Application Text, but for WordPad, we need to translate the text in the clipboard.

Press ALT-C or click Translate Clipboard Text.

Return to Wordpad, and with your text still selected, press CTRL-V to paste.


Your text will change to reflect the Braille language and possible Braille contractions.
Change your font to Braille29, and your font size to 29 pt.

Using the keyboard, Long-press the Alt key to activate menu shortcuts.
Tap H for the Home ribbon, F, 1, and use cursor keys to select Braille29 (for US standard 6 dot Braille) and press Enter.
Long-press Alt again, and then tap H, S, 1, type 29 and press Enter to change the selected text to 29 point.


You are ready to emboss.

Press CTRL + P, select your ViewPlus embosser and press Enter.

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